19 de mar de 2016

Now in Brazil

To those people overseas who are wondering and really interested in understanding the current conundrum happening right now in Brazil. Please only read this article at your own personal guidance & time (5 A4 pages) and brace yourself for the following facts bellow for what you are about to read is not, let’s say, very easy to digest:

The citizens of the world need to be highly aware of what's taking place and underlying Brazil's current political & psychosocial chaos and the core gut level feelings which the Brazilian nation as a whole collective consciousness are going thru right now.... all of us are flipping scared.... both right-wing & left-wing as well the Pilate’s type of ‘neutral’ people… know you the silence of the confused ‘innocents’? Yeap, that type of silence… except that at this stage and hour in Brazil, whomsoever shuts up about the outrageous situation alleging they are acting like that for neutrality sakes are running the risk of creating the same kind of cowardice karma of the soul known in the bible as Pontius Pilate. As a way of beginning my article, let’s now move forward onto undeniable and largely recorded facts.

The Brazilian Spring brought abt by the extreme right-wing is not under anyone’s control any longer, not even by their culprits. Bloodshed violence during street riots are a reality and deep friendship and family ties are being destroyed by and under some sort of maleficent spell. We are talking about blatant disunion and segregation among people who once deeply loved one another.

Fascists mobs (pro-impeachment folks wearing Brazilian soccer T-shirt or Mussolini’s black uniform) are smashing up streets and people’s faces – their own; any left-wing supporter or anyone who ‘dares’ to wear a red t-shirt, doesn’t matter if it simply has a red flower pattern on it or even if the backpack happens to be red. Fanaticism at its worse.

Brazil has about 1 month’s time of sheer battle ahead. Right-wing is desperate to impeach Dilma as soon as possible because of:

1- Pressure from Washington & 7 Sisters to get hold of our pre-salt. The minute they do, mark my words - the petroleum barrel will rise again. Never forget that what is happening in Brazil is related to the current geopolitical petroleum war which include BRICS;

2- Media moguls here need urgently the right-wing taking office again because their companies are going broke and they need Federal Gov to spend millions in governmental advertising, like during the 21 years Dictatorship era and PSDB FHC Gov era.

On the other hand, we from the ideological left-wing point of view are scared about:

1) Famine shadowing the poor again so wealth distribution will be at risk of being lowered to a point that the middle-class (me btw...can't condone the egoic selfish neoliberal mentality of my own class system) and companies will be able to go back into exploiting the poor by slavery medieval type of salary. Never forget that Lula from PT, our Labour Worker’s Party, basically zeroed child labor slavery rate & infant mortality rate along with making absolutely sure that the once financially vulnerable children of the recent past were able to graduate with an academical diploma thus being entitled to enter into a professional career earning decent and dignified wages for their own livelihood.

Now, just imagine how happy our benevolent (NOT) companies and average neoliberal middle-class folks are thrilled about it. Neoliberal society got simply furious with Lula as along with all these measures to protect the poor against their exploitation, Lula also upgraded worker's rights bills as Dilma herself carries on implementing it.

2) Lula passed a bill back in early 2000's that all of our pre-salt revenue should be distributed equally between all states with the legal statutory financial obligation in which 25% of pre-salt royalties received by each state must go into the public educational & health sectors.

Now, the corruption big sharks of this country got highly pissed off about it all as PT Gov has established a "transparency bill" re finances.... thus securing that not 1 single cent of our pre-salt revenue could be channeled into illegal offshore accounts behind the veils along with giving for THE FIRST TIME IN BRAZIL HISTORY the 100% green lights for the FEDs to earnestly start to investigate and punish corruption. Before it wasn’t like that ever. FHC Gov folks, the previous administration before Lula took office, were sickly and freely stealing the nation’s money like you have no idea and have indeed privatized some of our main public sector’s companies. We talking about really big corruption scheme... and guess which country has got hold of major shares under this scheme? Yeap, United States of Darling America.... can you guys understand now why it is very crucial that Bernie takes office? Utopia?? Human beings are at least still allowed to dream big as far as I am concerned.

FHC & Bill Clinton had a real BLA$T together... make no mistake, I like Obama and the Clinton’s quite a lot as they are only merely the CEO of their bosses and I absolutely abhor the Republican party and guys like Trump. If I was an American citizen I would definitely support the Democrats as I am a humanitarian first and foremost. Also as a dual Brazilian/Australian citizen, guys like Tony Abbot saddens my heart. I once lived in South Africa, I arrived landed there in 95, got married, birthed my children in Johannesburg and let me share something – I loved and admired Mandela 100% to bits, there wasn’t any foreign person happier than me about the end of Apartheid era however I am no fool to had any illusions that the guys who took office along with Mr. Mandela - may the divine Creator of Creation continues blessing his soul on the highest celestial spheres - did many corrupt deals.

Having digressed but coming back to my point, can you guys start grasping the desperation of the 7 Sisters and our big sharks here to overthrow Dilma and put Lula into jail??? This battle has now reached its apsis... Right-wing Media Oligarchy Moguls have successfully manipulated half of the nation into believing that a White Coup is the best thing to "save the country" thus any left-wing politician or its supporters are viewed now as a "national threat" to this Land. In other words, we are "fair game", much the same way along the lines of Dr. Goebbels Nazi propaganda. When you think about our media moguls here, think the same type of extreme right-wing consciousness which supports human-rights abuses of administrations like Benjamin Netanyahu’s towards peaceful Palestinians human beings.

Coming back to the Brazilian outrageous chaos, it’s now common knowledge that along with the dirty work from First Instance Court Judge Sergio Moro, Operation Car Wash key guy, who is currently breaking all legal and constitutional laws persecuting Lula & Dilma in order to bring abt an impeachment and lock Lula into jail. The Attorney General Mr. Janot is involved in this House of Card’s coup plot as at least another 2 of ours Federal Supreme Court Judges are named Minister Gilmar Mendes (a btw self-assumed strong PSDB supporter and political key ally at our supreme court) and Minister Celso de Mello. These guys are kind of openly supporting the bending of juridical and constitutional bills recently impetrated by Moro, who is desperately helping to bring about a white coup, by turning a blind eye to what’s happening (whereas Celso de Mello is concerned) and Gimar Mendes who abused his position (yet again) by cancelling out Lula’s appointment at Gov while offering a highly political bias justification for doing that. This happened last night while Lula was giving a speech to his supporters.

And I kid you not…just for you guys to have an idea, few days ago judge Moro illegally tapped our President Dilma's official cabinet phone while she was talking to Lula abt his new Civil Cabinet Ministry appointment...

(as little long aside – taking into account the fact that Judge Moro is openly playing dirty to lock Lula in jail asap, if Lula enters into Gov administration again the only court instance legally able to carry on this pathetically made up investigation against him is our Federal Supreme Court composed by 11 judges therefore a mere first instance court judge like Moro cannot biasedly lock him up with any cheap unproved excused as easy as he desires to do so. Dilma, not being a natural born charismatic politician has lost the grip over the current political madness, so Lula, who reluctantly accepted the appointment after so much begging of the left-wing supporters, will be able to assist Dilma in dealing with the havoc our congress currently find itself under. Having said all that, let me share that Dilma is a 100% upright Lady with a major capital L, who was imprisoned and madly tortured during our Dictatorship era because she was fighting for democracy system to be reestablished and upon her release, this brave soul, honest and most wonderful Lady, instead of curling up hiding underneath her bed, went from strength to strength and became Lula’s right-hand key person during his administration for 8 straight years)

... and sent the audio file to Globo Media Organization after a few hours to be broadcasted on their TV News edition... therefore Judge Moro committed a crime against National Security Bill # 7.170/83.

Moro, (as another aside -who mostly wears black like Mussolini and is egoically inspired into copycat Mani Pulite also know as Italy’s “Operation Clean Hands” which resulted in a guy like Berlusconi to take office and the rest is history) felt 100% OK to do that only because he knows he will be legally shield by his mates at Federal Supreme Court and by our own Attorney General PLUS our Media Oligarchy moguls communication machine who has made 100% sure half of the population is absolutely hypnotized into believing that any judge committing a National Security crime has absolutely acted perfectly OK by breaking the law as, after all guys... "any means justifies the so desired end".... or so the neofascists fanatical hypnotized folks here truly not only wholeheartedly believes it so, swear by it but are currently smashing up to pulp anyone who might happens think a little differently...

Every single major independent journalist of this nation are being financially sued by the media oligarchy moguls who are legally backed up by biased right-wing judges who are sentencing independent honest journalists who now only write thru their own personal blogs into paying absurd penalty fee$ in order to shut them up… now get this: their phones and emails are currently being hacked by the FEDs. Know in your hearts that these guys are real HEROES of this nation too for they refuse to be intimidated and they won’t shut up under any circumstances. Also, any lawyer here who is known to support Dilma and Lula are being hacked too resulting in their confidential conversations with clients being no longer private. Yeap guys, we have reached this abhorrent stage…

Please note that the Catholic Church which have openly supported the implementation of our coup d’état back in 64 which resulted in 21 of dictatorship regime under which many left-wing people were tortured (Dilma, for instance) and lives were lost inside military medieval dungeons. Few days ago, Pope Francis chastised a Brazilian Bishop called Dom Darci José Nicioli who during Mass was inciting his audience to kill Lula by their own hands, I kid you not. May God continue blessing and protecting Pope Francis who is a 100% upright guy who has also bravely lived thru Argentina’s dictatorship darkness era along with Brazil… so Pope Francis knows exactly the current danger Brazil is going thru again.

Also bear in mind that the right-wing media moguls of this country are basically comprised by few families in which the key guys to watch out are Globo, Abril, Folha e Estadão. These guys supported Jango coup d’état back in 64 and are supporting the coup right now to uproot PT from Gov.

FIESP - São Paulo Industrial Federation - not only supported but financed Jango’s coup (and are supporting this attempt at Dilma’s white coup as I type) much the very same way President Kennedy did it and Kennedy did it due to US greediness to get hold of Petrobras, our national company responsible for the extraction and distribution of our petroleum.

These old group of pals are doing the exactly very same thing right now, same intention, same goals, same everything, period no commas allowed on this paragraph.

Bearing now all of the above in mind, please also note that our pre-salt natural reserves are estimated at about R$20 trillion. The stakes are literally BLOODY high.

In a nutshell this is Brazil's conundrum. Today is Sat, 19th March - 10:30AM

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